Glazing Techniques

Ideas and techniques to get great glaze results.

  • Glaze Catch Test Tile


    Using runny glazes? Make this glaze catch test tile and save your kiln shelves during tests.

  • Amaco Cosmos Glazes

    Unboxing, applying, and reviewing results of Amaco's Cosmos glazes.

  • New Speedball Mid-Fire Glazes

    We're checking out and testing the new mid-fire glazes from Speedball.

  • New Amaco Celadon Glazes

  • Glazing A Menorah


    In this class you will learn 2 different ways to glaze a Menorah using brush on glazes and dip and pour glazes. This is a great class if you are interested in learning how to glaze unusual sized pieces and glazes for darker clays.
    This class is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

  • Glaze Pouring


    In this class you will learn how to do a fun modern glaze pouring technique on a Ceramic Canvas

    Tools and Materials
    Bisque fired Ceramic Canvas or other bisqued piece
    Mayco Stroke and coats, any color you like (thinned to 80% S&K , 20% water)
    Other glazes can be used but you want ones that do no...

  • Textured Glazes On Ceramic Canvases


    Get fabulous effects using textured glazes and Stroke and Coat on ceramic canvases to make stunning wall art.

    Bisque Ceramic Canvases
    Mayco Black Mud Crack
    Mayco Dark Magma
    Mayco Stroke and Coat in colors of choice.

  • Glazing A Leaf Mug
    Movie + 8 extras

    Glazing A Leaf Mug

    Movie + 8 extras

    In this class you will learn how to use stain, wax resist and stains to emphasize leaf texture.

    Tools and Materials
    Bisque fired mug with leaf or other texture you want to highlight
    Mayco Iron Wash or Red Iron Oxide watered down( you can use any wash or pigment you like for this)
    Wax Resist, I l...

  • Cherry Blossom, Celadon Bloom, & Light Flux

    7 items

    I love this sweet glaze combo because it shows how you can use Amaco and Mayco glazes together with fabulous results. The Cherry Blossom Celadon is one of my favorites to use on textured pieces and goes perfectly with the Mayco Celadon Bloom and Mayco Light Flux. The Mayco flux is the key element...

  • Frosted Lemon, Blue Hydrangea, & Light Flux

    8 items

    This is such a happy sunny glaze combo. I love pairing the Frosted Yellow with the Blue Hydrangea and light flux to make a sweet yellow and purple blue combo. Frosted Lemon can be lovely on texture as long as you only apply a few thin layers. The flux is the key to making all of the glazes come t...

  • Blue Opal & Night Moth Glaze Combo

    6 items

    This Mayco glaze combo is a stunner and one of my favorites. I like to call it my starry night combo. The Blue Opal is a great glaze to use on texture but is also wonderful on non-textured surfaces as well. I'll show you how to combine blue opal and night moth in this online glazing class.


  • Spraying Glaze

    8 items

    Spraying on glaze is a great way to get even glaze coverage and is the best way to glaze really large pieces with dip and pour glazes. You can create beautiful layered effects and create seamless transitions from one glaze to the next.

    Bisqued pots to glaze
    Glaze, dipping and pouring...

  • Airbrushing Underglaze

    7 items

    Using an airbrush to apply underglaze (or glaze) is a great way to add color and patterns to your pottery. It also is one of the easiest ways to create gradient color or the ombre effect. This technique can be used for glaze as well, but I find it better suited to underglazes.

    Tools & Materials

  • Glazes: Is Your Glaze Food Safe


    Learn how to know if your glaze is food safe.

  • Glazes: Food Safe vs Dinnerware Safe


  • Prep Work for Glazing

    3 items

    Getting the best glaze results starts with prepping your pieces well. I’ll show you how I get my work ready to glaze.

    Tools & Materials
    Fine Grit Sandpaper
    Clean Sponge
    Wax Resist
    Foam Brush

  • Mixing and Understanding Glaze Recipes

    7 items

    Making your own glaze is easier than you think. Learn how to read glaze recipes and convert them to a formula that is simple to work with.

    Tools & Materials
    Glaze Recipe
    Glaze Ingredients
    5-Gallon Bucket
    Glaze Sieve
    Long Gloves
    Cartridges Rated for Silica Dust P...

  • Brushing On Glaze

    6 items

    Learn to get fantastic results applying glaze with a brush.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Ware (prepped for glazing)
    Amaco Celadon
    Amaco Potter’s Choice
    Hake Brushes
    Banding Wheel (I use Shimpo)

  • Dipping and Pouring Glaze

    7 items

    How to apply glaze by dipping and pouring.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Ware (prepped for glazing)
    Glaze (made for dipping and pouring)
    Cup or Pitcher
    Glaze Tongs (optional)

  • Glazing with Clayscapes Glazes

    12 items

    How to mix and apply Clayscapes glazes and create fabulous glaze combinations.

    Tools & Materials
    Clayscapes Glaze
    2 gal for 5lb of glaze
    5 gal for 25lb of glaze
    60, 70, or 80 mesh
    Sharpie Marker
    Rubber Band
    Measuring Cup
    Corded Drill
    Mixing Attachment

  • Layering Amaco Glazes

    10 items

    Layering glazes can create beautiful depth and color on your pottery. I’ll show you how to use Amaco glazes successfully for fabulous results.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Ware
    Amaco Glazes
    Fan or Sumi Brush
    Notebook and Pen
    Glazes Used:

    Obsidian Celadon
    Storm Celadon
    Smokey Merl...

  • Spin Art Glazing

    5 items

    Learn how to create this fun spin art glazing effect.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Pieces to Glaze
    Georgie’s Tie Dye Glazes (3 colors work best)
    Plastic Applicator Bottles
    CMC Gum
    Plastic Container for Gum Solution
    Brushes (Hake or Wide Flat)
    Pottery Wheel

  • Marble Glazing

    6 items

    Learn to create this fun marble glaze effect.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Pieces
    Speed Ball Underglaze
    Shave Cream (cheapest you can get)
    Wooden Craft Stick
    Running Water
    Clear or Translucent Glaze

  • Bubble Glazing

    5 items

    This is such a fun and unique way to create patterns and decorate your pottery.

    Tools & Materials
    Bisque Pottery Piece
    Banding Wheel (I use Shimpo)
    Underglaze (Speedball or Amaco Velvet)
    Dish Soap (Dawn works well)