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  • Slow Fire VS Fast Fire

    Should you slow fire or fast fire your kiln?

    Drew's Bisque Fire Program:

  • Making Plates with ClayShare’s textured Rolling Pins and Rim Templates

    Learn how fun and easy it is to make fabulous textured perfect plates using ClayShare’s textured rolling pins, rim templates and GR Pottery Forms!
    Plus we have huge news about an upcoming ClayShare product launch you won’t want to miss!
    Tune in tonight at 5pm eastern for this not to miss ClayShar...

  • Strawberry Surface Design

    Learn how to create this Strawberry Surface Design with Mayco Stroke and Coats in tonight’s ClayShare class!
    Tune in tonight’s at 6:15pm eastern on ClayShare.com or on the ClayShare app. This class will be recorded so if you can’t make the live you can watch the replay later!
    May is for Mayco her...

  • Why Handles Unwind

    Ever have a handle on your thrown pot or mug start out straight and come out of the kiln crooked? We'll teach why that happens and how to deal with it.

  • Finishing an Extruded Butter Dish

    Movie + 1 extra

    Learn how to finish a butter dish made with the Little Chip Tools 4” Butter Dish die. Watch the ClayShare Live @ 5 broadcast from 5/1/24 to see how this butter dish was extruded.

  • All About Slip

    Slip is liquid clay. Used for casting ceramic forms or for surface decorations. Slip usually has a ratio of 40% water to 60% clay except for casting slip which is no more than 32% water and 68% clay.
    The simplest way to make slip is to dry out your clay, crush it up and add water to it and mix ti...

  • Extruding With Little Chip Extruder Dies

    Learn all about extruders and using Little Chip Tools extruder dies!
    Tune in at 5pm eastern for this fun and informative demonstration!

  • Extruded and Darted Pitcher

    Learn how to make an Extruded and Darted pitcher in this step by step Primetime class tonight at 6:15pm eastern.

  • Extruder Palooza

    Extruder Palooza is happening all week! There will be tons of extruder-based content. If you have one or more extruders you want to get the most out of, or if you're thinking about getting one, tune in all week. We'll kick off with an overview of extruder types and answer questions this morning.

  • Glazing and Textures

    Learn all about using glazes and textures on your pottery in tonight’s Live at 5 broadcast on ClayShare!

  • Seamless Form Covers from The Pottery Tool Kit

    Learn how to use Seamless Form Covers from The Pottery Tool Kit in this Primetime class for Premium members of ClayShare!
    👉Tune in at 6:15pm eastern for this tutorial and exclusive discounts for ClayShare members!

    Order Here: https://thepotterytoolkit.com/
    Premium members save 15% with discount ...

  • Spectrum Glaze Test Tiles

    Jess tried some Spectrum glazes and we're checking them out. Plus, we're unboxing a product we can't wait to try.

  • Using ALL the New DCT Impression Stamps

    See ALL of the new Diamond Core Tools Impression Stamps in tonight’s live demo! Tune in at 5pm eastern time for this free tutorial!

  • Make A Rain Stick

    Learn how to make a Rain Stick in this Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare!
    Not a premium member? No worries just sign up for our free trial and tune in tonight at 6:15pm eastern on ClayShare.com or download the ClayShare app for this step by step pottery class!

  • Kiln & Glaze Q&A

    Answering your kiln, glazing, and firing questions with a special guest.

  • Creative Covered Dishes Workshop Preview

    Don’t miss this preview of Annie Chrietzberg’s upcoming workshop.

    Sign Up for the full workshop here:

    Premium members save 20% so get your code/link here:

  • Mushroom Drape Mold Udu Former

    3 in 1 ClayShare class!!
    Learn how to make a Mushroom Garden Sculpture, a Drape Mold and an Udu Former in this 3’in 1 Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare!

    Plus mushroom garden stakes at the end!

    Tune in at 6:15pm eastern for this multi use class!
    Not a premium member? No worr...

  • Eclipse Day Check-In

    Checking in quickly today with some reminders of what's happening this week.

  • Glaze Catch Test Tile


    Using runny glazes? Make this glaze catch test tile and save your kiln shelves during tests.

  • Fold Up Baskets

    Learn how to make 2 different sizes of Fold Up Baskets in this Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare.
    I have been making these cute baskets since 2019 and can’t wait to share this class with you!
    Along with the step by step instruction on making the baskets this class will include...