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  • June-July 2023 Challenge

    Challenge announcement and Amaco Flux Glaze results!

  • New Amaco Flux Glazes

    Unboxing the new flux glazes from Amaco!

  • All About Luster

    Learn all about using Luster in tonight’s ClayShare Live!
    We will also be giving away 2, $25 gift certificates to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Using Mayco Stroke & Coat and Designer Liner

    Learn how to use Mayco Stroke & Coats with Designer Liner to create one of a kind surface decoration and patterns.
    Tune in at 6:15pm eastern for this live class only for premium members of ClayShare!

  • 1st Broadcast in New Studio

    Our first broadcast from the new studio! You'll get to see some of it and find out plans for how it'll get finished up.

  • Mayco Fundamentals Underglazes

    All about underglazes. In this live session we will be focusing on Mayco Fundamentals underglazes and comparing them to other brands. We will go over how to apply underglazes and all the ways you can use them in your ceramic work!

  • Handbuilt Spoons

    Learn how to make 3 different styles of hand built clay spoons in this live class only for premium members of ClayShare.com

  • Open Studio 2023

    Open studio info for May 27 & 28.

  • Planning A New Or Updated Studio

    Planning a studio update or even a whole new build? Ask your questions today and get answers. Your questions could even become full classes in our new Studio Planning series.

  • New Mayco Stoneware Glazes

    Don’t miss todays ClayShare Live broadcast. We will be showing the new Mayco Stoneware glazes and how they look with the Mayco light and dark flux glazes.
    We will also be giving away a $25 gift certificate to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Glazing with the New 2023 Mayco Glazes

    Join us for this live glazing tutorial using the new Mayco Stoneware glazes in this Primetime broadcast only for premium members of ClayShare!

  • Where Are All The Clay Materials

    Where have all of the clay materials gone and how this will affect you. Find out and what materials are going away, going up in price and what you can use for substitutions. Tune in at 5pm eastern for ClayShare Live with special guest Drew Seymour of Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Making Texture Plates from Found Objects

    Learn how to make one of a kind Texture Plates from found objects and surfaces in your life!
    Tune in at 6:15pm eastern for this Primetime tutorial for premium members of ClayShare!

  • How to Use ClayShare Prime

    How to get signed in and use key features of the ClayShare Prime site.

  • How Safe Are Kilns for the Home Potter

    We're answering your questions on kiln safety this morning. Plus, layered ombre mug results and studio construction updates!

  • Thrown Test Tile Ring


    Learn how to make a wheel thrown double walled test tile ring.
    Test tiles are a great way to test out different clay bodies and glaze combinations and these test tiles rings are fast and easy to make. In this class we will walk you through each step in making these test tile rings, and this clas...

  • Brush On vs Dipping Glazes

    Learn the difference between brush on glazes and dipping glazes and which one is best for you and your pottery practice. Tune in at 5pm eastern for this free live tutorial or download the ClayShare app and watch anywhere anytime.

  • Brushing Dipping Glazes on Mugs

    Learn how to glaze a mug by brushing on dipping glazes to create an ombré effect in this Primetime class for premium members of ClayShare.
    We will also discuss when it’s best to dip your glaze or to brush it on.

  • Easter Kiln Opening

    Happy Easter everyone! Wow, there so many great glaze combos in this kiln opening that are perfect for Spring! Be sure to grab a notebook and pen because you are going to want to write them all down! You can see how I glazed these pieces on ClayShare.com and you can get all of my glazes from Clay...

  • DIY Kiln Stilts

    Learn how to make your own kiln stilts in this live DIY tutorial! We will be using Deladesigngifts.com cutters to make these great stilts!

  • Daffodil Candle Holder

    Learn how to make these cute Daffodil Candle Holders in tonight’s Primetime class just for premium members of ClayShare!

  • April-May 2023 Challenge

    I am so excited to share this ClayShare Challenge with you. For April and May we will be doing “A Slice of Life”. We will be making our own texture from objects or surfaces we encounter in our daily life, or you can use found objects for your texture. Some great surface to make texture from are r...

  • Making Mini Pots on Mini Wheels

    Learn how to throw mini pots on mini wheels in today's ClayShare Live tutorial!

  • Daffodil Cake Stand with AMACO SMUGs

    Learn how to use AMACO SMUG’s to create a beautiful daffodil design on a cake stand. Don’t miss this live Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare!

    Jess will be sharing one of her Floral designs that you can download and use on your own pottery for surface decoration!