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  • Dinner Tray
    Movie + 7 extras

    Dinner Tray

    Movie + 7 extras

    Learn how to make your very own segmented Dinner Tray. This hand building class was inspired by the metal trays I used in the military Chow/Mess hall!
    5lb Clay, I am using Laguna Bmix5
    GR Pottery Forms in the Following Sizes: (1)5x10, ( )4x5, ( )5x5
    Ware board or slab mat to work on

  • Carving Tutorial

    Check out tonight's free carving tutorial with DiamondCore Tools. Plus, we're announcing the first winners of this month's DiamondCore prize packs.

  • More Carving

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  • August Happenings

    August is going to be busy! There's so much going on that we're going to go over it all.
    August Challenge - Vases & Patterns
    August Sponsor - DiamondCore Tools
    August Workshops - Drew's Raku & Ammie's Lettering
    Rolling Pins!

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