Clay Quickies

Clay Quickies

Quick projects you can make in one session. These projects are free for anyone to try.

Clay Quickies
  • Mug Topper

    Keep your beverage warm and safe with a mug topper.

  • No Crack!

    4 Tips to Prevent your Handles from Cracking

  • Signing Your Work

    Signing your work is just as important as making the form itself. In this class I'll show you 5 different ways to sign your work: stamping, carving, mishima inlay, brush lettering and writing with a bottle applicator.

    Tools and Materials:

    Black Speedball Underglaze
    Mr Marks Wax on, Wax Resist

  • Bird Pocket Magnet

    This birdie pocket magnet is super cute and easy to make. It also doubles as a planter for a small air fern. This is a great project to do yourself or with the kiddos!

    Tools & Materials

    1/4" Clay Slab
    Bird Cookie Cutter
    Circle Cookie Cutter
    Ware Board or Slab Mat
    Textured Rolling Pin
    Flexible R...

  • Ramekin

    Ramekins are great additions to any kitchen. I love them for holding my recipe ingredients and they make the cutest little baking dishes. I encourage you to make a set of four (or more) because one just isn’t enough.

    Tools & Materials
    2 lbs Clay for Bakeware (Laguna 60 or 90)
    Ware Board
    4.5″ Coo...

  • Pumpkin Trinket Dish

    This ultra-cute and fun-to-make pumpkin trinket dish is perfect for holding pretty little things. It also makes a great votive holder, spoon rest, or ring keeper.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Clay Slab
    Pumpkin Cookie Cutter
    Round Cookie Cutter
    Flexible Rib (Mudtools)
    Ware Board
    Clay Knife
    Embossed Ro...

  • Garlic Grater

    These garlic graters are fun to make and make great gifts.

    Tools & Materials
    1/4″ Clay Slab
    5″ GR Pottery Form
    6″ Cookie Cutter
    Ware Board or Mat
    Red or Yellow Mudtools Rib
    Rolling Pin
    Foam for Pressing Plate
    Weight Bag
    Carving or Needle Tool (Diamond Core P9 Slim Tip)

  • Pulling A Handle

    Pulling handles is actually easy. I’ll show you how.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5)

  • Vintage Style Napkin Ring

    This napkin ring will be the highlight of your holiday table. This class is perfect for all ages and skill levels and makes a great introduction to pottery for those who have never tried it before.

    Tools & Materials
    1/4″ Slab of Your Favorite Clay
    (Can also be done with air-dry clay)
    Splendor S...

  • Clay Rounder

    A rounder is a handy tool to help you create round rims on hand built forms. I also use mine to shape slab-built feet.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Slab of Clay
    Cookie Cutter (or circle template)
    5 Inch or 6 Inch
    Yellow Rib (Mudtools)
    Clay Knife
    Serrated Rib
    Rolling Pin
    Ware Board

  • Hedgehog

    This cute little hedgehog is a great project for children.

    Tools & Materials
    1/4″ Clay Slab (Laguna WC-608 or WC 614)
    9.5″ Hexagon Stackable GR Pottery Form
    1″ Spacer or Small Bat
    Ware Board
    Clay Knife
    Flexible Ribs (Mudtools)
    Embossed Roller
    1″ Dowel, 8″ Long
    Straight Edge
    GR Pottery Forms Foot...

  • Bisque Stamps

    Add fabulous texture to your pottery with these easy-to-make bisque stamps.

    Tools & Materials
    Needle Tool
    Rubber Tipped Tool / Color Shaper

  • Extruded Succulent Planter

    I’ll show you how to use an extruder to make these sweet succulent planters.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of your choice
    Extruder (Bailey 4 Inch)
    3″ Hexagon Extruder Die
    2.5″ Hexagon Inner Die
    Clay Cutting Wire
    Rolling Pin
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220s)
    Color Shaper
    Yellow Mudtools Rib
    Serrated Rib
    1/4″ Sof...

  • Sweet Heart Dish

    Learn to make the sweet heart dish in just a few minutes.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Slab of Your Favorite Clay
    Something for Texture
    Speedball Underglaze

  • Thirsty Coasters

    Making coasters is a fun, easy, and practical clay project suitable for all levels.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna EM100 Earthenware, White)
    5″ Circle Cookie Cutter
    2 Ware Boards or Bats
    Rolling Pin
    Craft Brush
    Speedball Underglaze
    Duncan Pure Brilliance Low Fire Clear Glaze

  • Mixing Glazes from Clayscapes Pottery

    Learn how to mix dipping and pouring glazes made by Clayscapes Pottery (yes, they are the company that is making and selling my signature Chun Blue glaze!) You can also use this technique for any dry glaze that needs to be mixed. Be sure when mixing glazes that you take proper studio safety measu...