Autumn Projects

Welcome autumn with these online ceramic classes and projects for fall. Online pottery classes perfect for the harvest season with ceramic decorations for your home and functional pottery to help you enjoy the season's bounty.

  • Thrown Apple Baking Dish


    Learn to throw this apple baking dish just in time for autumn. In this class I am going to show you how to throw this form. I'm going to show you how to trim this form and I'm also going to show you how to glaze it to get this exact glaze effect. And I include not only the tools and materials for...

  • Wide Bottom or Wide Top Mug Class

    Movie + 3 extras

    Learn how to make 2 different hand-built mugs using the same template in this fun step by step class! First you will learn how to make a Wide Bottom Mug which makes a perfect spill proof/travel mug. Then you will learn how to make a beautiful Wide Top Mug.
    This class is perfect for all ages and s...

  • Handbuilt Gourd Luminaries

    We're using and giving away a set of gourd molds!

  • Harvest Pumpkin Make-Along

    Make these sweet harvest pumpkins with us tonight.

  • Leafy Gnomes and Trees

    We're making leafy gnomes and trees with Michael Harbridge.

  • Pumpkin Plates
    Movie + 2 extras

    Pumpkin Plates

    Movie + 2 extras

    You will love making these simple slabs built pumpkin plates. They are a great way to try out new textures and Autumn glazes!

    3-5lbs Clay rolled out to 3/8” slabs
    Pumpkin templates
    Place Mats, Doilies, Stamps or Texture tools of your choice
    GR pottery forms or Wooded plaques that are...

  • Spooky Trays

    Spooky trays to get us in the spirit for Halloween!

  • Pumpkin Platter
    Movie + 2 extras

    Pumpkin Platter

    Movie + 2 extras

    Pumpkin Platters
    This is a fabulous way to make a textured Pumpkin Platter!

    3-5lbs Clay rolled out to 3/8” slab
    Pumpkin doily, place mats or scaled up template
    Texture tools of your choice id you are not using the placemat/doily texture
    GR pottery forms or Wooded plaques that are 1-1...

  • Halloween Pressed Plates

    Make these cute pressed plates for your Halloween party.

  • Pumpkin Trinket Dish


    This ultra-cute and fun-to-make pumpkin trinket dish is perfect for holding pretty little things. It also makes a great votive holder, spoon rest, or ring keeper.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Clay Slab
    Pumpkin Cookie Cutter
    Round Cookie Cutter
    Flexible Rib (Mudtools)
    Ware Board
    Clay Knife

  • Pumpkin Vase

    16 items

    Elevate your autumn décor with this beautiful and useful pumpkin vase. The only thing is that you may not want to put it away when autumn ends! I'll teach you how to make your very own in this online pottery class.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5, 5lbs, Rolled to a 3/8" slab)

  • Woven Basket

    9 items

    Learn to make this sweet woven basket with this online pottery class. I'll show you how to weave strips that you can extrude or cut from a slab. Once you do this class you'll be making baskets of all shapes and sizes.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (3 lbs to 4 lbs)
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220S)...

  • Pinch Pumpkins

    6 items

    You'll want to make a whole patch of these cute little pumpkins. In this online pottery class I'll teach you how to use pinch techniques to quickly and easily make these ceramic pumpkins. You can also use air-dry or oven-bake clay if you don't have access to a kiln which also makes this a great k...

  • Harvest Pumpkin

    8 items

    This cute little sculpture is so sweet and fun to make that you’ll want to start your very own pumpkin patch! This class will cover basic slab building techniques and is suitable for all ages and skill levels. We’ll use a printable template to get the shape just right and I’ll show you some assem...

  • Pumpkin / Christmas Tree Truck

    14 items

    This super cute old truck makes a fabulous seasonal wall décor. Make a pumpkin truck for autumn and the Christmas tree version for the holidays. This class is appropriate for all ages and skill levels.

    Clay Slab 1/4" Thick (Laguna B-Mix 5)
    Pumpkin Truck Templates (See below)
    1" Circle Cookie Cu...

  • Spooktacular Jack O'Lantern Luminary

    8 items

    This boo-tiful luminary will light up your Autumn nights!

    Tools & Materials
    Earthenware Clay (Laguna EM106)
    LED Tea Light
    Template (6” x 12.75” Rectangle)
    Flexible Ribs (Red and Yellow Mud Tools)
    Clay Knife or X-Acto (Dolan 220S)
    Canvas or Slab Mat
    Ware Board
    Rolling Pin
    Banding Wheel...

  • Wood Grain Soup Mug

    11 items

    This extra-large wood grain textured mug is perfect for those who want a big cup of coffee or a mug for soup.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5)
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220S)
    4″ x 14″ Craft Foam Template
    Embossed Rollers
    Wood Grain Texture Mat
    Woodland Cookie Cutter Set

  • Thrown Casserole Dishes

    14 items

    There is nothing like using your own pottery to bake! In this wheel throwing class I’ll show you how to make a super cute bean shaped casserole dish and a square casserole as well. I’ll discuss the best clays and glazes for ovenware and show you two handle styles. The skills you’ll learn in this ...

  • Owl Lantern

    11 items

    This feathered friend is the perfect way to welcome in the cooler months. This class will cover all the steps in making this adorable owl. Starting with a clay slab you’ll learn basic forming and sculpting techniques. We’ll also cover glazing and how to add a simple handle. This fun and easy-to-f...

  • Owl Ornament

    5 items

    These fun little owl ornaments are a great project for kids and make wonderful holiday ornaments. In this class we’ll cover slab construction, adding texture, and ideas for glazing. This project is for all ages and skill levels.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Slab of Clay (Laguna B-Mix 5)
    4.5″ and ...