All about teapots! Hand building, wheel throwing, and glazing.

  • Side Handle Teapot

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    I love making these side handle teapots! Some say that teapots can be tricky to make, but with my step-by-step tutorial you’ll see how fun and easy they really are. I’ll show you how to throw all the parts and assemble them into a super cute teapot.

    Tools & Materials
    Pottery Wheel
    5 lbs of C...

  • Handbuilt Teapot

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    This super cute teapot is easy and fun to make. I’ll show you how to make it full of character and volume using clay slabs.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Clay Slab (Laguna 90)
    4″ x 16″ Template
    4″, 4.5″, 5″ Circle Cookie Cutters
    1.5″, 2″ Flower Cookie Cutters
    Embossed Roller
    Pizzelle Maker

  • Funky Teapot

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    You are going to fall in love with this wheel thrown fun and funky teapot. In this class you will combine wheel throwing and handbulding techniques to make a one of a kind teapot that can also be used as a coffee pot or ewer.

    Pottery Wheel
    5 lbs of clay (2lbs for teapot body)
    Medium ...

  • Fairy House Teapot

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    Be inspired by this magical teapot.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5) in ¼” slabs.
    Bottom Template
    Spout and Knob Template
    Lid Template
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220S)
    Embossed Roller or Stamps for Texture
    Flexible Ribs (I use Mud Tools)
    Canvas or Slab Mat
    Ware Board

  • Glazing Teapots

    Learn how to glaze a teapot in tonight’s Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare! We will show you 2 ways to glaze a teapot. We will be using dip and pour glazes for one then the other we will use brush on glazes! Tune in tonight at 6:15pm eastern for all of the glazing fun!

  • Handbuilt Sweater Teapot

    Learn how to make this Handbuilt Sweater Teapot in tonight’s Primetime class only for premium members of ClayShare!

  • Handbuilt Coffee-Tea Pot

    Learn how to make this hand built Coffee Pot/Tea Pot in tonight’s Primetime class only for Premium members of ClayShare!
    You asked for more intermediate/advanced classes and we listened! This hand building class combines techniques you’ve learned from ClayShare classes into a complex and challeng...