Surface Decoration Techniques

Add decoration to your work with these skills and techniques before (and sometimes after) you apply your main glaze.

  • Ceramic Waterslide Decals

    5 items

    Ceramic decals are a fun and easy way to add imagery and designs to your pottery.

    Tools & Materials
    Glaze-Fired Pot
    Commercial Waterslide Ceramic Decals
    Medium Size Bowl of Lukewarm Water
    Isopropyl Alcohol
    Paper Towels
    Decal Squeegee (Red Mud Tools Rib)
    X-Acto Knife

  • Making and Using Laser Decals

    10 items

    Laser decals are a fantastic way to put photographs, images, or artwork on your pottery.

    Tools & Materials
    Glaze Fired Pot
    Laser Decal Paper (Fired-On Images)
    Images on Your Computer
    HP Black and White Laser Printer (Color printers will not work and not all B&W printers will either, the li...

  • Introduction to China Painting

    7 items

    China paints are a wonderful way to add decoration to the ceramic surface after it has been glaze fired.

    Tools & Materials
    Glaze Fired (Glossy is best) Piece
    China Paints
    China Paint Medium or Clove Oil
    Isopropyl Alcohol
    Soft Bristle Brushes
    Paper Towels
    Cotton Swabs
    Porcelain Palette ...