Super Bowl Collection

All our bowl classes and broadcasts in one spot.

  • Jellyfish Bowl

    8 items

    The best thing about this bowl is you can make it any size or shape you desire.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5)
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220S)
    Weight Bags
    Embossed Rollers
    Flexible Ribs (I use Mudtools)
    Canvas, Slab Mat, or Ware Board
    Rolling Pin

  • Lace Pasta Bowl

    8 items

    This pasta bowl is so fun and easy to make you’ll want to make yourself a complete set. It also makes a great salad bowl.

    Tools & Materials
    Clay of Your Choice (Laguna B-Mix 5)
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220S)
    6.5″ GR Pottery Form (or wooden circle)
    GR Pottery Form Spacer
    GR Pottery Form Foot Make...

  • Ice Cream Bowls

    12 items

    These easy-to-make ice cream bowls are a great project for all levels. I will show you how to use coils to create a beautifully shaped bowl that you’ll want to use for everything.

    Tools & Materials
    3 lbs of Clay (Laguna B-mix 5)
    Ware Board
    Clay Knife (Dolan 220s)
    Stamps for Texture

  • Make Bowls with GR Pottery Forms

    11 items

    Yes, you can make fabulous bowls in all shapes and sizes from slabs. You can even make nesting bowl sets! I’ll show you how to make them 2 different ways with GR Pottery Forms.

    Tools & Materials
    5 lbs of Your Favorite Clay
    GR Pottery Forms
    WA System (optional)
    Ware Board
    Clay Knife (Dolan...

  • Pierced Bowl

    10 items

    Learn how to create a stylish, one-of-a-kind pierced bowl with this fun class. I’ll show you how easy it is to make cut-out designs and patterns on your hand-built bowl. This style bowl is perfect as a candy dish, fruit bowl, candle holder, and more.

    Tools & Materials
    3/16″ Clay Slab (Laguna ...