Whimsical Garden Stacks 2 - Fish and Flowers

Whimsical Garden Stacks 2 - Fish and Flowers

This 2-week class, an extension of the first Whimsical Garden Stack class, focuses on
fish and flowers with an emphasis of how to form your pieces for successful glazing
and firing. Forms will be shaped using templates, slabs, hump/slump molds and
cutters from De La Designs. Maria will be using her favorite clay body, Timberline
Sculptural clay from Georgie’s Ceramic & Clay. Any groggy cone 6 clay body will work
for garden stacks. We will be using a variety of brand name, brush on cone 6 glazes
from Mayco, Amaco, Coyote and Georgie’s including the Interactive Pigments.

Class 1: October 21, 2023
The first class will focus on making your pieces using templates, cutters and molds and
will include the best way to form your piece for a successful glaze firing.
Class 2: October 28, 2023
The second class will focus on glazing including how Maria applies the Interactive
Pigments and the necessity of completing glaze tests.

• Hole Cutter: Kemper HC4 7/8" hole cutter
• Your favorite texture and carving tools
• Slump/hump molds
• Basic hand building tools
• Rolling pin or slab roller
• Templates and/or cutters
• Templates will be provided
• Maria has collaborated with De La Designs for cutters to make a Tube Fish & Fins
and flower petals

Maria is available for questions via:
Instagram: @mariasartspace
Email: [email protected]

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Whimsical Garden Stacks 2 - Fish and Flowers