Mocha Diffusion

Mocha Diffusion

Mocha Diffusion with Kevin Kowalski
Live Broadcasts On: March 13 & 20 from 1pm to 4pm Eastern.
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In this two part (6 hours total) workshop taught by Kevin Kowalski, participants will learn how to mix and apply the Mocha Diffusion decorating process on handmade pottery. We will go over the history of the Mocha Diffusion, successful recipes, effective mixing and application of mocha diffusion and wheel and hand building pottery techniques. Kevin Kowalski will share his process from start to finish from making pottery to creatively applying the mocha diffusion decoration to the surface of his pottery.

Materials List
• 16oz and 32oz Plastic containers with lids
• Scissors
• Painters Tape
• Sharpies
• Gram Scale
• Sponges
• Water Kettle
• Chinese Calligraphy Brush Small-Medium
• Latex Gloves
• N95 Face mask
• 2 and 5 Gallon Buckets
• 60 Mesh Sieve
• Immersion Blender
• 1 Pouch Cigarette Tobacco around 10-20 grams .65 oz
Ceramic Materials () Indicates the type I used
• Feldspar (Custer Feldspar)
• Kaolin (EPK)
• Silica (200 mesh)
• Ball Clay (OM-4)
• Chrome Green Oxide (Green)
• Cobalt Carbonate (Blue)
• Zircopax Plus (white)
Mason Stains: For the colors of the rainbow. Test for best results.
• 6088 Red Mason Stain
• 6026 Orange Mason Stain
• 6450 Yellow Mason Stain
• 6202 Green Mason Stain
• 6300 Blue Mason Stain
• 6304 Violet Mason Stain
• 6650 Black Mason Stain

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Mocha Diffusion

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