Creative Covered Dishes

Creative Covered Dishes

April 13th, 20th, and 27th, 2024.
Live Broadcasts: 1pm - 3pm Eastern Time
Replays Forever.

Join guest demonstrator Annie Chrietzberg for another fun & functional workshop making creative covered dishes! Annie will take the group from start to finish, from designing the shape and making the templates to the nitty gritty details of how to assemble these things successfully. Complete templates will be provided for the demo projects, and how to make your own shapes will be explained, guided and encouraged as well, for those of you who are ready for that. Amazing fun things that will be covered (pun intended): Evocative shapes, puffed handles, functional texture, making and detailing templates for success in wild forms, and as many awful puns and bad clay jokes that come to mind. And for the third session, we will turn this technique on its side, explore spontaneous forms and learn how to easily create templates for these on the fly.

Hunt and Gather:

your favorite clay (I am using Laguna ^10 B-Mix)
-ware boards 20" x 20” and smaller… at least two, better with four or five
a stiff, small, cheap brush for spreading slip
small plastic container with lid for 'spackle clay' (will demo)
cutting wire
needle tool
scoring tool
your favorite shaping tool (wooden spoon or throwing stick)
rolling pin
dowels - .5", .25", 2/16th
pony roller aka pizza dough roller
texture tools & cornstarch for release
a clean towel or rag to keep your fingers clean
water bucket
pottery sponge
ribs for smoothing slabs
banding wheel or turntable
various wooden tools
pencils with add-on erasers for quickly making tool-shapes you may not have (will demo)
foam for shaping slabs, as large as you need for the size covered dishes you want to make, to start with butter dish sized covered dishes, find some eggshell crate foam or upholstery foam with pieces around 10x10. It is good to have extra to cut up to create supports sometimes. The grey foam from Henry & David fruit boxes is ace!

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Creative Covered Dishes