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Prime Time
  • February 2021 Challenge Check In


    Checking in to see how everyone is doing on the challenge.

  • Layering Amaco Shino Glazes

    Episode 5

    We're layering Amaco Shinos on tonight's Prime Time.

    Jess always layers glazes from bottom to top by their "finish":
    Matte then Satin then Gloss
    So no matte on top of gloss, etc...

    That fan brush you see her using is a Mayco Fan #8.
    You can get them here:

  • January 2021 Challenge Wrap Up


    Wrapping up January in the ClayShare 12-Month Challenge.

  • Mandala Make Along

    Episode 3

    We're doing a mandala make along! Jess shows you how to make a dot mandala design on a plate using Mayco Stroke and Coat.

    You can find the mandala kit she uses here:

  • January 2021 Challenge Check-In


    Checking in on the January challenge.

  • Glazing Tutorial

    Episode 2

    Join us for a glazing session tonight.