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Live at 5

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Join us every Wednesday at 5pm Eastern for a free, live tutorial.

Live at 5
  • Heart Plate

    Episode 7

    Free tutorial on how to make heart plates.

  • ClayShareCon 2021 Update

    Episode 6

    We’ll be sharing all the details about ClayShareCon 2021.

  • Glazing Tutorial

    Episode 5

    Live glazing tutorial featuring Amaco glazes!

    Quick Answers:
    ClayShareCon - Feb 24-28 - Free for everyone
    Updates for this year just starting so check back often.

    Sanding Pad: DiamondCore Tools 60 Grit

    Wax: Mr Mark's Wax On

    See how Jess uses wax to prevent h...

  • Trimming Tutorial with DiamondCore Tools

    Episode 4

    I’ll be trying out Diamond Core Tools new trimming tools!

  • Handbuilding with Flexi Bats

    Episode 3

    We're handbuilding with flexi bats today. Watch Jess build a mug, mug toppers, and pull a handle for the mug in this free tutorial.

  • Glaze Q&A

    Episode 1

    Live Q&A with Jess and a visit from Adam Field.

  • Using Textured Rolling Pins

    Episode 2

    Don’t miss tonight’s live at 5 broadcast to see my new rolling pin and rim template designs.