Free Kiln Opening Broadcasts

  • Memorial Day Kiln Opening. Great Glaze Combos for Textured Pottery!

    If you are looking for great glaze ideas for your textured pottery then you are going to love this kiln opening!
    Currently I am mostly using Tuckers Smooth Stoneware cone 5/6 clay fired to cone 5.
    I have fallen in love with Spectrum Pearl White glaze as you may have noticed and think all of the S...

  • First Kiln Opening of 2024

    Don’t miss our first kiln opening of 2024!!
    Lots of great glaze combos, casseroles, mugs, speckled clays and textured pieces!
    So grab yourself a hot cup of something along with your notebook and tune in at 1pm today for the live kiln opening!

  • Christmas Eve 2023 Kiln Opening

    Join us for the last kiln opening of 2023! There will be lots of great glaze combos and holiday pieces in this kiln opening. Grab your notebook, pen and a hot cup of something and tune in at 2pm Eastern time!

  • October 2023 Kiln Opening

    Don’t miss our first live kiln opening in the new studio! In addition to gourds and pumpkins there are lots of plates, platters, trays and more. Be sure to bring a notebook because we will be sharing all of the glaze combos used and you will definitely want to write them down and try them out!

  • New Amaco Flux Glazes and Peach Plate Kiln Opening!

    ✨�✨Whoo hooo! Here they are the test pieces with the 6 new Amaco Flux glazes as well as the Spiral and Peach plate from this weeks ClayShare Primetime class!
    All of the Flux glazes turned out beautiful but as you can see from the kiln opening I have a few favorites!
    �Fired to cone 5 in an L&L e2...

  • Easter Kiln Opening

    Happy Easter everyone! Wow, there so many great glaze combos in this kiln opening that are perfect for Spring! Be sure to grab a notebook and pen because you are going to want to write them all down! You can see how I glazed these pieces on and you can get all of my glazes from Clay...

  • New Celadon Glaze Combos and Muffin Pans!

    Wow! So many glaze layering combos with my new celadon glazes in this firing. Also there are some of my favorite go to glaze combos as well as the glazed muffin pans from my new ClayShare class that will be available on 1/10/23!
    My new celadon glazes will be available to order from Clayscapes Pot...

  • Winter Solstice Kiln Opening

    If you are looking for new glaze combos for trays and dishes then this kiln opening is for you! Grab a notebook and a pen because you’ll want to try these glazes on your pottery!

  • Halloween 2022 Kiln Opening

    Come see all of the fabulous Halloween, Fall and Holiday pottery in todays kiln opening. Lots of great glaze combos from Clayscapes Pottery, Amaco, Speedball, Colors for Earth, and Mayco!

  • September Double Kiln Opening

    Wow! There are so many glaze combos and underglaze decals in this DOUBLE kiln opening you won’t want to miss it.

  • Valentines Day Kiln Opening

    Today's opening will include Jess' Black Copper and Nutmeg glazes!

  • Christmas Eve Kiln Opening

    Don’t miss our Christmas Eve kiln opening! Lots of amazing peacock glaze combos and textured pieces!

  • December 2021 Kiln Opening

    It's our last kiln opening of the year!

  • July 2021 Kiln Opening

    Join us for our first kiln opening in a while. This one includes a thrown sink and lots of other goodies!

  • January Kiln Opening

    Join us for the 1st Kiln Opening of the year!

  • Mid-November Kiln Opening

    Spend a bit of your Sunday in the ClayShare studio with this fun kiln opening!

  • Halloween Kiln Opening

    It's a Halloween kiln opening party! Make sure to wear your costume!

  • Mayco Oxide Wash Tests

    Join us in the ClayShare studio for a mini kiln opening with cranberry glaze tests and Mayco oxide wash tests.

  • Kiln Opening - Sept 27, 2020

    Kiln opening with gold luster items.

  • Kiln Opening - Sept 6, 2020

    Join us and see what's in the kiln.

  • Mayco Kiln Opening

    Watch our live kiln opening and see our latest glaze results featuring Mayco glazes.

  • Kiln Opening - June 28, 2020

    Fresh test glazes in today's opening.

  • Kiln Opening - May 31, 2020

    Join us for a free, live kiln opening broadcast and check out our latest glaze results. Lots of Clayscapes glazes in this one.

  • Kiln Opening - May 17, 2020

    Come join us for a live kiln opening and see our latest glazing results.