Good Morning ClayShare 2024 Episodes

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  • Slow Fire VS Fast Fire

    Should you slow fire or fast fire your kiln?

    Drew's Bisque Fire Program:

  • Why Handles Unwind

    Ever have a handle on your thrown pot or mug start out straight and come out of the kiln crooked? We'll teach why that happens and how to deal with it.

  • All About Slip

    Slip is liquid clay. Used for casting ceramic forms or for surface decorations. Slip usually has a ratio of 40% water to 60% clay except for casting slip which is no more than 32% water and 68% clay.
    The simplest way to make slip is to dry out your clay, crush it up and add water to it and mix ti...

  • All-About-Slip.pdf

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  • Extruder Palooza

    Extruder Palooza is happening all week! There will be tons of extruder-based content. If you have one or more extruders you want to get the most out of, or if you're thinking about getting one, tune in all week. We'll kick off with an overview of extruder types and answer questions this morning.

  • Spectrum Glaze Test Tiles

    Jess tried some Spectrum glazes and we're checking them out. Plus, we're unboxing a product we can't wait to try.

  • Kiln & Glaze Q&A

    Answering your kiln, glazing, and firing questions with a special guest.

  • Eclipse Day Check-In

    Checking in quickly today with some reminders of what's happening this week.

  • April 2024 Challenge and Mayco Test Tiles

    April/May Challenge and test tiles with new Mayco Engobes.

  • NCECA 2024 Review

    All the cool finds, news, and stuff to check out from NCECA 2024.

  • Spring Project Ideas 2024

    It's time to get those spring projects going!

  • NCECA 2024

    Planning to attend the 2024 NCECA conference?

  • Open Studio 2024 Visitor Guide

    Planning to visit us for Open Studio in May? We'll cover some info for where to stay, eat, and extra things to do.

  • ClayShareCon 2024 Wrap Up

    ClayShareCon wrap up and PJ party!

  • ClayShareCon 2024 Watch Guide

    How, when, and where to watch ClayShareCon 2024 sessions.

  • More About Whistles

    More info to help you with your whistle projects.

  • When to Replace Your Kiln Elements

    How to know when you need to replace your elements.

  • What Temp Should I Fire

    What temperature or cone should you fire for bisque, glaze, china paint, or luster?

  • ClayShare and Sanbao Studio

    We're checking out the Jess' new transfer designs made by Sanbao Studio!
    You can get them here:*

    Use code "clayshare15" to save 15% this week!

  • ClayShareCon 2024 Preview

    ClayShareCon 2024 info. Schedule, presenters, and more.

    Get your ClayShareCon 2024 Shirts and Hoodies!

  • New App & January 2024 Challenge

    The ClayShare Prime social app for Apple was finally approved! We're answering questions on it, announcing the January Challenge, and a few extra goodies to kick off the new year!