Featured Pottery Classes

  • New Pin & Rim Templates

    New textured rolling pin and rim templates are here!

  • Rolling A Slab


    Most hand building projects start with a slab. Learn to roll out perfect ones with this free online pottery class and get all your ceramic hand building projects off to a great start.

  • Using Pyrometric Cones

    Learn to use pyrometric cones.

  • Maple Leaf Dishes

    Learn to make these cute dishes.

  • Luster Tutorial

    Join us and learn to use lusters.

  • More Luster

    The luster tutorial continues on PrimeTime.

  • Kiln Opening - Sept 6, 2020

    Join us and see what's in the kiln.

  • Spraying Glaze
    8 videos

    Spraying Glaze

    8 videos

    Spraying on glaze is a great way to get even glaze coverage and is the best way to glaze really large pieces with dip and pour glazes. You can create beautiful layered effects and create seamless transitions from one glaze to the next.

    Bisqued pots to glaze
    Glaze, dipping and pouring...

  • Glazing Tutorial

    Join us for a glazing tutorial.

  • Glazing Tutorial Continued

    Join us for a glazing tutorial.

  • Handbuilt Mug with Texture

    9 videos

    Handmade mugs are such a fun and functional pottery project. By adding your favorite textures and patterns to it you can create a unique one of a kind mug that reflects your own personal style. In this class you will learn basic hand-building mug making skills, and how to pull and attach a handle...

  • Sgraffito Tutorial and Diamond Core Tools Giveaway

    Join us for a live sgraffito tutorial and diamond core tool giveaway!

  • New Texture & Form Tools

    Join us for tonight’s Primetime broadcast only for premium members. I’ll be doing a demo with my new Avalon rim template design along with some of my stamps and Sharon Hoppe’s 12” rolling pins and Shoppe Shapes Deep Dish Forms! These will all be available from Sharonhoppedesigns.com

  • Texture Shoppe Surprise Unboxing