ClayShareCon 2024 Day 2 Sessions

ClayShareCon 2024 Day 2 Sessions

ClayShareCon 2024 Day 2 Sessions
  • Going Glaze Crazy With Speedball

    This demo will highlight and demonstrate the new formulation of our underglazes, then we will show our new Mid Fire line and talk through some glazing tips and techniques for glazes from that line.

  • Monoprints on Clay and Bisque

    Make one-of-kind gelli prints on moist clay slabs and bisque tiles. Transform Velvet Underglazes into a printing ink to use with any printmaking clay project.

  • RD2 Dinner Plates

    RD2 Dinner Plates

  • ClayShare Studio Tour

    Checking out the new ClayShare studio in this pre-recorded lunch segment.

  • Kilns! Things to know before you buy.

    What kiln should I buy? We will be discussing and highlighting the important questions you need to know in order to buy the kiln that is best for you. We’ll also talk about the new L&L test kiln. Bring a notebook!

  • Clay Textured “Plumpkins”

    These plump new pumpkins will be constructed with textured slabs in some new pumpkin forms. But don’t worry, the same method can be done in the older pumpkin molds, vases, bowls, and other shapes.

  • Mishima and Watercolor Pottery

    Mishima & watercolor pottery demonstration.

  • Carving and Decorating With Impression Stamps

    Artist and product-developer Nicholai will create some intricate textures and patterns on leatherhard pieces showing how DiamondCore’s newly released Clay Impression Stamps are the perfect complement to their clay-carving tools.

  • Mayco’s 2024 Stoneware Glazes

    Be the first to see Mayco’s new stoneware glazes! Join Mayco’s Todd Hickerson and Justin Reese as they show off the twelve new glazes on different clay bodies and firing temperatures. You won’t want to miss it!

  • ClayShareCon 2024 Day 2 Wrap Up

    ClayShareCon 2024 Day 2 Wrap Up and Giveaways