ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes

ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes

Our weekly, free tutorial live broadcast. 5pm Eastern on Wednesday.

ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes
  • Aloha Rooster

    Use brushstrokes for a watercolor look on this 8 inch Rooster Plate.

    Colors for Earth Colors Used
    CS602 White
    CC101 Cobalt Black
    CC112 Candy Apple Red
    CC124 Yellow Ochre
    CC161 Leaf Green
    CC162 Laurel Green
    CC181 Nutmeg
    CC186 Burnt Sienna
    CC187 Raw Umber
    CSP01 Gloss Medium NT Clear (Earthenware C...

  • Aloha Rooster Pattern

    491 KB

  • Blue and White Flower Plate

    Learn this blue & white flower design with guest Paula McCoy.

  • Blue-White-Flower-Pattern.pdf

    478 KB

  • Oak-Maple Leaf Plate

    Learn to create this oak and maple leaf design with acorns with special guest Paula McCoy using Colors for Earth.

  • Fall Oak-Maple Leaf Pattern

    627 KB

    Pattern to go with Paula's 9/6/23 demo.

  • Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool

    Tune in to the final ClayShare Month ’23 livestream demo to see the NEW Bird of Paradise Pottery Multi-Tool in action. In-house artist Nicholai will showcase this one-of-a-kind tool that combines 7 studio essentials into one handy product.

  • Carving with DiamondCore Tools

    Don’t miss todays ClayShare Live ! Nicholai from Diamond Core Tools will be joining us for a carving demo!
    🧡💙🏺 A month of demos and deals continues with ClayShare! 🏺💙🧡
    The FREE pottery tool tutorials keep going this week with our amazing partner @clay_share! Tune in at 2 p.m. PDT Aug. 23 as our i...

  • DiamondCore Tools Handheld Extruders

    Learn how to use DiamondCore Tools Handheld Extruders to make fabulous handles on your pottery!

  • Trimming Cups and Bowls with DiamondCore Tools

    Join us for a trimming demo with Nicholai from DCT!
    DiamondCore Tools has created a unique ClayShare Combo Set that folks can get for FREE when they purchase $100 or more from their website through August. The combo includes the Wood Rib 50 mm and two of their Diamond Files, featuring 60/120 grit...

  • Wheel Throwing with DCT Wooden Ribs

    Join us and Nicholai from DiamondCore Tools for a wheel throwing demo featuring their Wooden Ribs!

  • Holiday Tree Dish Tutorial

    Learn how to make these Holiday Tree Dishes in our ClayShare Christmas in July broadcast! We will be using GR Pottery Forms Tree and Oval forms to make these dishes. We will also be giving away a $50 gift certificate for and don’t forget you can save 15% off with the code: CLAY...

  • GR Pottery Forms Plate Demo with Jeff

    Don’t miss todays ClayShare Live broadcast! Jeff from @gr.pottery.forms will be doing a demo on how to make ceramic plates using the regular Round Forms with the WA2 System!

  • Making Plates with GR Pottery WA2 and RD2

    Learn how to make plates from slabs using the GR Pottery WA2 and RD2 forms in tonight’s ClayShare Live. We will show you multiple ways to make plates with GR Pottery’s products and for the month of July you can save 15% off at with the code: CLAYSHARE and yes there will be a gi...

  • Making 3 Dimensional Trees

    Learn how to make these fabulous hand built 3 dimensional trees with special guest Debi DelaCruz from Dela Design Gifts in tonight’s ClayShare Live Tutorial!

  • Deep Forms with Dela Designs and GR Pottery Wallies

    Learn how to make Deep Forms with Dela Design Cutters, Stamps and GR Pottery Wallie Forms with special guest Debi DelaCruz in this fun ClayShare Live broadcast!

  • Amaco Flux Glazes and Dela Designs

    Come see the new Amaco Flux glazes and Dela Design Gifts new cutters and stamps including a preview of the Fall Harvest June mystery box!
    We will also be giving away 3 sets of all 6 of Amaco Flux glazes and a $50 ($70 for international winners) gift certificate to

  • Berry Basket Tutorial

    Join us for a live tutorial on how to make these cute Berry Baskets with Debi Delacruz from

  • All About Luster

    Learn all about using Luster in tonight’s ClayShare Live!
    We will also be giving away 2, $25 gift certificates to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Mayco Fundamentals Underglazes

    All about underglazes. In this live session we will be focusing on Mayco Fundamentals underglazes and comparing them to other brands. We will go over how to apply underglazes and all the ways you can use them in your ceramic work!

  • New Mayco Stoneware Glazes

    Don’t miss todays ClayShare Live broadcast. We will be showing the new Mayco Stoneware glazes and how they look with the Mayco light and dark flux glazes.
    We will also be giving away a $25 gift certificate to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Where Are All The Clay Materials

    Where have all of the clay materials gone and how this will affect you. Find out and what materials are going away, going up in price and what you can use for substitutions. Tune in at 5pm eastern for ClayShare Live with special guest Drew Seymour of Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Brush On vs Dipping Glazes

    Learn the difference between brush on glazes and dipping glazes and which one is best for you and your pottery practice. Tune in at 5pm eastern for this free live tutorial or download the ClayShare app and watch anywhere anytime.

  • DIY Kiln Stilts

    Learn how to make your own kiln stilts in this live DIY tutorial! We will be using cutters to make these great stilts!