ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes

ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes

Our weekly, free tutorial live broadcast. 5pm Eastern on Wednesday.

ClayShare Live 2023 Episodes
  • All About Luster

    Learn all about using Luster in tonight’s ClayShare Live!
    We will also be giving away 2, $25 gift certificates to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Mayco Fundamentals Underglazes

    All about underglazes. In this live session we will be focusing on Mayco Fundamentals underglazes and comparing them to other brands. We will go over how to apply underglazes and all the ways you can use them in your ceramic work!

  • New Mayco Stoneware Glazes

    Don’t miss todays ClayShare Live broadcast. We will be showing the new Mayco Stoneware glazes and how they look with the Mayco light and dark flux glazes.
    We will also be giving away a $25 gift certificate to Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Where Are All The Clay Materials

    Where have all of the clay materials gone and how this will affect you. Find out and what materials are going away, going up in price and what you can use for substitutions. Tune in at 5pm eastern for ClayShare Live with special guest Drew Seymour of Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Brush On vs Dipping Glazes

    Learn the difference between brush on glazes and dipping glazes and which one is best for you and your pottery practice. Tune in at 5pm eastern for this free live tutorial or download the ClayShare app and watch anywhere anytime.

  • DIY Kiln Stilts

    Learn how to make your own kiln stilts in this live DIY tutorial! We will be using cutters to make these great stilts!

  • Making Mini Pots on Mini Wheels

    Learn how to throw mini pots on mini wheels in today's ClayShare Live tutorial!

  • Using Sanbao Underglaze Decals

    Learn how to use underglaze decals in this free ClayShare Live tutorial. Tune in at 5pm eastern for all of the pottery fun!

  • Flooding Texture with Underglazes

    Learn how to use underglazes to flood color on textured surfaces in today's ClayShare live tutorial!

  • Pressed Plate Tutorial

    Learn how to make pressed plates from clay slabs with our live ClayShare tutorial!

  • Mug Make a Long

    Learn how to make a mug from a clay slab with this live step by step hand building tutorial! Download the ClayShare app for hundreds of pottery classes!

  • CeramiPics Decals

    Learn about using CeramiPics color decals on your pottery with Melanie Kaffl.

  • Warping and Cracking Q&A Session

    Learn how to prevent warping and Cracking in your pottery with this live Q&A session.

  • Texture Fun

    Learn fun ways to use texture in pottery with ClayShare!

  • Making Heart Plates 2023!

    Learn how to make heart plates with Underglaze decals from Sanbao and Heart forms from GR Pottery Forms in tonight’s free live tutorial on ClayShare.

  • Throwing Basics: Cylinders

    Learn how to throw consistent cylinders on the potters wheel in this ClayShare live tutorial with Jessica Putnam-Phillips.