ClayShare Live

Monthly giveaways, free tutorials, news, and more every Wednesday at 5pm Eastern (GMT-5).
ClayShare Live is the new name for what was the Live at Five broadcasts.

  • Brushing Clayscapes Glaze

    Join ClayShare for a live tutorial on brushing on Clayscapes dipping glazes with Jessica Putnam Phillips. We will also be giving away a 6 pack of Clayscapes Pottery Glazes!

  • Using Marvelous Molds in Clay

    Learn how to use Marvelous Molds to create amazing texture in your pottery.

  • Glazing for Texture

    Learn how to stain and glaze your pottery to show off texture. Join Jess from ClayShare for this free glazing tutorial.

  • DCT Grinding & Sanding Tools

    Nicholai will demo a variety of DCT's grinding and sanding products, showing how to remove glaze drips, smooth feet, etc.

  • DCT X-Series Fluting Tools

    This week, tune in to see DiamondCore’s in-house artist Nicholai show more ways to use our new X Series Fluting Tools. Plus, there will be 2 giveaways for an X Series Fluting Set!

  • Using DCT Handheld Extruders

    Learn how to use Diamond Core Tools hand held extruders to make handles and feet in todays live tutorial! We will also be giving away 2 sets of DCT handheld extruders! To be entered in our giveaways just sign up for our email list.

  • Sgraffito with DiamondCore Tools

    Don’t miss tonight’s live Sgraffito tutorial using DiamondCore Tools with Jessica Putnam-Phillips! We will also be giving away DiamondCore Tools carving tools!

  • Arc Carving Metal Rib

    Nicholai Busch will be showing us how to use DiamondCore Tools new Arc Carving Metal Rib.

    ClayShare viewers can get a FREE Metal Rib Set with a purchase of $100 or more on our website. Just add $100 or more to your cart, add the Metal Rib Set, then enter code DCTCLAYSHARERIB at checkout. Metal R...

  • All About Vitrification

    Movie + 1 extra

    Learn all about Vitrification. What it is and why it is so important if you make function pottery.

    Vitrification Sheet download link:

  • Coils, And When To Use Them

    Learn how to make coils and when to use them! Join us for this free live tutorial with Jessica Putnam-Phillips on ClayShare!

  • Wheel Throwing Basics

    Come learn how to throw on the pottery wheel with Jessica Putnam Phillips and ClayShare.

  • Where Have the Supplies Gone

    Chatting with Andrew from Clayscapes on the state of supply availability.

  • Butter Dish Tutorial

    Learn how to make a Handbuilt butter dish in todays Live at 5 broadcast!

  • Luster Tutorial and Giveaway

    Learn how to use luster on your pottery and see who won the ClayShare Luster giveaway sponsored by Clayscapes Pottery!

  • Mayco Stroke and Coat Giveaway and Demo

    Join us as we giveaway a set of 12 Mayco Stroke and Coats and show you how to use them!

  • Floral Plate Tutorial

    Join us for this live tutorial on how to paint a floral design on a bisque plate using Mayco Stroke and Coat with Jessica Putnam-Phillips.

  • Glazing with Mayco Glazes

    Don’t miss tonight’s ClayShare Live! We will be doing a Glazing with Mayco Glaze Tutorial!

  • ClayShare Rim Templates

    Learn how to make hand built plates from slabs with ClayShare’s new downloadable templates!

  • Glazing Deep Texture

    Learn how to glaze pottery with deep texture to prevent pinholes and to get the best results for your type of texture!

  • Crystalline Glaze Workshop Preview with Andy Boswell

    Andy Boswell will join us for ClayShare live to give a preview of his upcoming Crystalline Glaze workshop!

    Premium ClayShare Members: Get your code for 15% off this workshop here:

    Not ...

  • Wheel Throwing Wide Bottom Mugs

    These wide bottom mugs are fun to make and hard to tip over!

  • Making and Using Underglaze Transfers

    Previously recorded class Jess did for the CCSA conference.

  • Layering Glazes

    Learn how to layer glazes for gorgeous results with Jessica Putnam-Phillips

  • Making Bisque Stamps

    Learn to make your very own texture stamps.